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GPS Fleet/Asset Tracking and Management

Geomoto helps you easily track your vehicles and assets.

We're taking the complexity out of fleet tracking, asset tracking, and GPS fleet management. From our easy install to our easy to use, access-anywhere vehicle tracking software, the entire Geomoto GPS fleet/asset tracking solution is centered around allowing you to quickly and effectively track your fleet, improve productivity, and increase profitability. Can you answer:

    • Where are my vehicles now?
    • Are they speeding?
    • What trips did they make?
    • Are they wasting fuel by idling?
    • Are my drivers being safe?
    • What hours did they work?
    • Is my payroll accurate?
    • Where/how long did they stop?

No? We can help. Geomoto is an extremely affordable vehicle tracking solution with no hidden fees.

Live Vehicle Tracking and Reporting

As an owner or fleet/asset manager, you need to have instant access to your assets at any time, from anywhere. Geomoto allows you to report on multiple real-time aspects of your fleet cars and trucks immediately following the easy device install. High level or detailed street and address level views of your vehicles and everything in between are just a few clicks away.

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Video Icon Easy to install
It takes less than one minute to install our GPS asset tracking device and no tools are required. We like to call it plug and play. You'll be up and running in no time with 24/7 web access to your mobile fleet.
Network Icon Industrial strength network
Our GPS tracking devices operate on an industrial grade, highly secure, GSM network. You can feel confident that all wireless data transmissions are secure, reliable, and always available. Wireless coverage includes North America, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. 3G GPS tracking devices now available!
Our web-based vehicle tracking software is easy to use and quickly tells you where your drivers are, where they've been, how long they've been idling, if they're speeding, and much more. Fleet tracking, asset tracking, and management has never been easier. Learn more